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Radio Shack Router?

I was wondering, could you remind me how it is that I can see the other computer screens using the parent controls.  I forgot how to do that.

To see other computers via Leopard’s screen sharing feature you’ll first need to enable screen sharing in the system preference “sharing” pane. This needs to be done on the computer you want to view.

Next you’ll need to go to a finder window of your own computer and locate the “shared” area then click on “screen sharing”

Also, the backup from the imac is working beautifully.  However, I never did get the laptop set up to back up.  I know it is simple and you showed me how but I have forgotten how to get that going.  I know the first back-up will take a long time and I just never seemed to want to give up my laptop for that long of a time.  I better get it backed up thought - especially as we have a cat now and she walks on the keyboard.  Who knows what she will do to it.

To start up Time Machine, go to your system preferences and select the time machine pane. Next, choose the backup disk. From there, time machine should start the first backup within 2 minutes.

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