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Where can I buy a new battery?


A couple of weeks ago you helped me transfer some data from an old computer to a new desktop.  On the old computer the attached file was an address list in a spreadsheet format.  When i now try to open it, it is unreadable.

Any thoughts as to what i can do to get this is a readable format?

Thanks very much,



Hi Wendy,

1st: If you are still using Appleworks, stop! 2nd: If you are just trying to open an old file then you might want to start by looking at this software:
Panergy Software - Products - icExcel / icXL- Screenshots

It's not supported in Snow Leopard so you may be prompted to install Rosetta but your Mac will handle all that automatically.

Update: I've been trying a few things to open this file on my end but we've moved so far passed Appleworks that at this point, it may almost be too late.  I do have one or two clients who are still using Appleworks and could send out a plea for help.  I found some help here Panergy Software - Products -- Mac viewers and converters for Office documents but the files came out almost unreadable on several attempts.  

Note: if anyone reading this is still using Appleworks, or has it installed, please let me know. I may ask you to convert a file for me.

Macbook pro battery is dying

Just wanted to try to figure how to get the mini disc out of the macbook pro.


This is not good news. Sorry for the delay in responding. As you may now know, you can't use a mini disc in Apple drives. If you don't have luck with the usual methods, I or Apple may have to disassemble the drive to get the disc out.

1. Try booting the computer holding the mouse button or trackpad button down.
2. Try command + E

Is my battery charging?

have you run into this problem....

I have a kid film maker who makes movies for me for real estate.  He loads them up to his web site and I have always been able to right click them and hit Save As Source and save them to my computer... then I upload them to youtube, etc.
Here is an example

Now on my Safari, I can not get the little down arrow, or the right click to work at all.

I loaded a new copy of Quicktime 7, and quick time player... and nothing.
I finally got it to open in Explorer and had to buy a new Quicktime 7 pro for that... and finally I think got it to download... but I really want to do it in Safari so it's on the Mac and not on the Parrellels.  
Have you heard of any reason why this wouldn't work on Safari anymore? 
I also tried it on Foxfire and don't get the little down arrow either????    
It is making me nuts.  

There are a couple of things to consider.

1st, be sure the entire movie has downloaded before right-clicking to save as source.
2nd, if you have upgraded to snow leopard, quicktime 7 is not loaded by default and the new Quicktime X has not been met with open arms.
3rd, the creator may inadvertently be selecting a "no save" option when creating the movie. It used to be called KIOSK MODE. Your video editor would probably know what I'm talking about.
4th, we are in a bit of a transition period in that quicktime X has most of the "pro" features now built in and the need for Pro 7 is going away. Or at least Apple would like it to.

I was not able to download the movie from the link as well which really seems to suggest to me that the 3rd item may be more likely.

By the way, the video is great. Very well done. The file size is huge as you know. He could encode it in a smaller file size without compromising quality if youtube is the ending destination.


Previous versions of Quicktime did in fact give the ability to enable kiosk mode as seen here:

This image is a theme.plist hack