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My bluetooth is gone

I have a wireless apple key board and mouse. There used to be a bluetooth symbol at the top left and it is gone. So usually when I am working at my desk I plug in my monitor and my key board and mouse detect my computer. But the icon is gone and turning the keyboard on and off it is still not being discovered. Suggestions?

To show the bluetooth icon in the menu bar, go to System Preferences (available under the black apple in the top left corner of your screen.

Select "Bluetooth":
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.33.17 PM

Check the box in the next window:
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 4.33.25 PM

Internal Bluetooth module on Mac Pro?

Essentially cannot get on net to open a site or even send an email from playroom or kitchen from  iPhone or iPad at same time. Get messages like "server cannot be found or stopped responding"


We can try setting each device to the same specific radio channel instead of "automatic mode".  Automatic mode means that if the device encounters interference in one part of the 2.4ghz spectrum it will adjust up or down within the 2.4 range allowed by the FCC.  Currently there are 11 different frequencies allowed in the US.  If we choose one specifically, that may help to maintain the signal.

It's also possible that one of your expresses is faulty.  (unlikely but possible).  I suspect the one currently in the Den location.  I'll have an extra one with me tomorrow to prove/disprove that theory.  

Another thought may be to choose to go all N instead of continuing to support b/g networking.  iPads, iPhone 4's, and all other modern Macs within the last 2 years support N.  The iPhone 3GS does not so that would knock off any 3GS's of the home network but I don't think you're using one of those.  By dismissing the b and g range, that will allow N to function more efficiently.  

We may also want to initialize interference robustness.  This feature (found on the extreme base stations) allows for the signal to be more focused than spread out.  Much like selecting a specific frequency of the 2.4 range.  

I've already enabled the 5ghz range but I don't believe expresses support 5ghz currently so that signal is only being emitted from the dual band router in the far room.  

So there are several things to consider as I go forward on trying to bring the stability of your network up to your expectations.  

Bluetooth module not showing on a G5 tower.

Actually, my Ipad kicked on great once I got home with a proper wi-fi signal! These DON'T work without one??? That's my big question...


Yes,  If you want internet outside of a wi-fi area, you'd need the 3G version of the iPad and a data subscription with ATT.  Data plans vary depending on how much you feel you'd use it.  
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