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Bing has taken over my computer!


Our home network is not working. Please help!  I have reset the router about every hour since last night and it keeps going out. 

A network going down could be caused by many issues.  If you are resetting the black time warner box, then it is most likely the fault of that time warner box itself and not the apple routers.  The apple airport extreme and expresses are much more reliable than the time warner boxes in my experience.  If however, you are unplugging the white router (apple) and functionality is returning without having power cycled the time warner modem/router then maybe we need to take a look at that.  Most likely, it’s the time warner modem/router.  But nonetheless, I would be happy to come over and address the issue as best I can at no charge if you’d like.  

Re-Open all tabs in Safari at Launch


Last Thursday at my appointment you helped me with getting my TM Backup running again. As of today, it has not backed up since you were here. When I click on the icon in the menu bar I see the last backup as 2/20/14 and it says "back--up delayed". The message is "Time Machine couldn't complete the backup to TM Backup...the backup disk could not be found......Make sure the backup disk is connected or select a different one..."  
Also, the TM icon you placed on my desktop has disappeared.

Sorry to bother you but when you have a chance, please let me know how to fix it. I feel like it should be fairly simple.


Time Machine can be a little troublesome at times. First, it’s important to make a distinction between time machine and time capsule. Time machine is the backup software that lives on your computer. Time capsule is a wireless router that Apple sells that also includes a hard drive that allows computers to backup wirelessly. I’ve made it well known that I do not like time capsule.

However, if you are simply talking about time machine as it relates to an external drive connected to your computer, then the most likely cause of your message is that the external drive you are using for backup has become unmounted. I would suggest unplugging the drive and reconnecting it. If the drive is healthy, it should reconnect and the backup will progress normally. This is something that I can usually address easily during my free Town Hall help sessions on Mondays. So join us Monday evening and I should be able to help your time machine reconnect. If it’s a time capsule we are dealing with...well, I don’t have much good to say about time capsule.

Alternative to Safari

Question......signed on our computer tonight and a pornographic photo (a jpeg) came up after we signed on with password. How can that happen? It was in small form on our desk top. Appreciate it was not an email or Internet site via safari but seems rather odd. 

It didn’t get there by itself. Someone manually drug it from a source like off a web page and onto the desktop. That is the only way it got there.

School website blocked

Can't download new itunes..........  what should I try?


Danger Danger Danger!!! This means that your internal hard drive is extremely full. It is time to either delete some information, move some information to another drive, or get a bigger hard drive. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Using a drive with less that 10% capacity available is not a healthy way to live your computer life. If the above message is true, that would mean that you have about .05% available and we need to do something about this soon.

Private Browsing will hide your tracks

how are you? hope you're doing well! i have a question for you, mike and i are going to get another computer (you knew we would have to soon). Do you have a recommendation? we will be using it as our main home computer (the G5 will go upstairs w/ the kids). we'll be doing alot of graphic design and photo work, including adding the new 'by design'..? program. any thoughts?


I assume you are looking for another desktop. If that is the case then there are really two chocies I would consider.  The entry level 21" or 27" iMac.  I believe the 21" lists for $1199an d the entry 27" lists for $1699.  

It just comes down to screen space that you want.  I would personally try to get to the 27" if financially possible.  It's a wonderful computer.  You don't need to upgrade anything and the entry model is more than enough for the next several years.  

Xmarks is closing down


Do you have any preferred setups for a mac mini server and external raid system?  Do you have any suggestions for a raid storage for HD video.  

While it’s not exactly a RAID, the Drobo is a good way to go and there are many variants to choose from. If you are editing with Final Cut then you may also want to check out Final Cut Server as well. It a high end resourse management system that distributes content across your editing network. It may be overkill for you. Just a few options for you to consider.

Adding and organizing bookmarks in Firefox.

Rather than upgrade to a MacBook now since MSOffice 2011 is not ready for the Mac, I went ahead and changed out the router with an Net Gear.  Do I have to do anything on my mobileme© account so the syncing will work?


You should not have to do anything at all to your mobileme account as the router is an independent from content you get from the web.  Once your computers and devices are back online, regardless of what router they are using to connect to the internet, your mobileme services will continue to sync in the background.

Chrome or Safari?

Dear Scotty,

I am hoping you might have some time on your calendar to run by and tend to a few Mac issues we're having.  We need to determine if our router is working properly (internet is really slow and has been for weeks), we need to reinstall the security for it (disk got lost in the shuffle and we had to restore it), I have dead spots in my house and want to install a 3G macrocell (assuming it will work), and my emails are recently going to a lot of people's junk folders (if you have an easy fix for this I can do myself, I'd love to know it NOW as it's killing my work).  I'm also getting a new iphone and so there may be issues related to that, but hopefully not!  On the macrocell, I'm happy to pick that up myself unless you think they don't work or can get them cheaper than I can at the At&T store.  Thanks Scotty and just let me know your availability.


I would be happy to assist.  You can check my calendar of availability at  Tomorrow and Friday are a bit full but Sat/Sun is looking good and beyond.  I have several clients with the ATT microcell and they've had positive experiences so far.  So I think it will help with your dead zones in the house.  As far as the junk email goes, that's a setting within each of their own email programs.  It really doesn't have anything to do with how you are sending it.  However, we can look at anything that could be strange associated with your email as you've pointed out that several of your clients/friends are seeing it in junk mail.  

Just check the calendar when you're ready to schedule a session.
I'll look forward to working with you again.

undoing the "auto-open in tabs" function in Safari

I need to talk to you about my Apple IPOD touch "Battery". It doesn't appear to be charging any more or even get a full charge. It's taking forever to charge (over 8 hours) and shows a red battery, then green, then back to red again. The phone was purchased in January 2009, so it is still under warranty.
1 - Can this battery be spent after less than 1 year?
2 - Do I need a new battery?
3 - If so, can I purchase one from you and install it myself?
4 - Or do you or Apple need to install it?
5 - How long does it take to get this fixed?

Sorry for the delay in responding to your email.


1. Battery life can be unpredictable. Apple's warranty covers the battery for one year but not beyond, even with the purchase of Apple Care. So yes, it can die unexpectedly.
2. Before determining if you need a new battery Apple would recommend that you restore the phone to rule out software issues. This can be done from within iTunes.
3. I do not install iPhone/iPod batteries. There are 3rd party companies like myself that specialize in that service however if you are within your 1st year's warranty you may want to check with the Genius Bar at the South Park apple store first.
4. Apple or the 3rd party would install. I will not.
5. I can not answer that. It would be up to Apple.

Firefox locking up

Sent in from one of my clients to another. Good information. Just thought I'd share it with the rest of the world.

Here is the Seagate hard drive that I bought from the Apple store online.   Despite having to pay taxes, at $99 it is still the best deal since its $50 off and you get free shipping.  The Lacie is still $139.  The Seagate It is very fast and quiet.  Unless Scotty objects, its what I would recommend.... Scotty had told me to get Lacie, but this Seagate seemed like a good deal and had good reviews on the site.

As for Airport Extreme vs Express, I finally found a page on apple's site that compares these.  I have the older Extreme and it is what I would also recommend, as did Scotty.  It will cut down on problems and you'll use it everyday.  You have a large house so if you want to be sure it will work upstairs, I think its your best bet, but if you want to compare, check this out:


I agree the free agent drive is nice. I have several clients who've found their way to them and I've been happy so far with their performance. I would prefer a firewire 800 drive but for the price it's excellent. Every drive dies so the only real thing you're paying for is the enclosure.

Safari very slow

Hey Scotty,

I ordered a Filemate 48Gb expresscard34 SSD.  I had read where you can make it the boot disk and leave you files on your HD.

So would that mean I just install the operating system on the SSD? Or would it help to have the applications & Library on there as well?

"Thought I'd ask you BEFORE I did it this time!"   HA!


You could get arguements on both sides of this. I'm in the older school that says leave the apps on the boot drive. However, apps can be run from other drives. Part of it depends on the app. Some apps require large application support files and performace can slow if those are not local. But SSD does change that because of its increased read speed. I would say if you can afford the room, install apps on the boot drive (in this case the SSD) and you can leave your docs and other files on the other spinning HD.

As far as the Library goes, if you mean the OS library, yes, I feel strongly that it needs to stay on the boot drive. However, content libraries like iTunes or iPhoto are fine living on external sources as you know.

firefox slow and ...who sent this to me?

I tried to send u another message and apple e-mail disappeared from
the dock.


To re-add the application to your dock, first go to your hard drive then to applications then to the app.  Drag the app into the dock and it will stay.  Be careful not to drop it on the way to the dock.  Another way to do this is to do a spotlight search and launch the appliaction that way then right click or control click on the dock icon and select to keep in dock.  

Safari 4 beta thoughts

Besides MobileMe and perhaps gmail and yahoo...any other email?? I'm a bit frustrated with gmail and yahoo and refuse to pay the $100 x year...

While I completely agree with having reservations about the paid mobileme service for just email, there may be a larger concern here. Gmail is really de absolute best email service there is on the web at the moment. So the more important issue may be, what is going on with Gmail that is not working for you. It’s really quite good so that’s something we may want to discuss.

Yahoo, on the other hand, is not that great. I would recommend people leave Yahoo anyway. But, since you asked about alternatives...

You really want an email that is IMAP based, not POP. This is covered in depth in a past newsletter found here. As alternatives to Gmail and mobileme, you may consider It’s imap based which is good. There’s that gets decent reviews. You can also use your ISP’s free email provided with your service, for example or, but either of these are very good.

Gmail is the best. So if you have any questions about what gmail is doing to cause you a problem, I’d be happy to assist.
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