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How to stop text messages on your computer.

Can u please tell me how to remove my texts from my computers, they are popping up on my screen now!

Sounds like you are logged into the messages service on your mac. To stop receiving messages on your computer, go into the Applications folder and find the application called "messages". You can also do this by using the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your computer screen called spotlight. Once you've opened messages, look under the word "messages" in the top left corner of your screen in the menu bar and find preferences. Next select the Accounts tab then uncheck "Enable this account."

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Future text messages will no longer appear on your mac.

Note that previous text messages will still be there but no longer updating.

Why is my Child getting my text messages?

Hey!  You were at my house yesterday and were very helpful.  My son is now getting my texts again….not sure how to avoid this.  Can you direct me?

To ensure another family member is not mixed up in your own texts you will need to sign out of your iCloud account on his/her devices. iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. On the iOS device go to settings then to messages. Look at "Send & Receive". Next select Apple ID at the top of that screen and sign out. Your child can now sign in to messages using their own Apple ID. Not yours. The same process can be used in the FaceTime settings although there is no "send and receive" choice. The Apple ID is listed right when you select the FaceTime setting.

To review: I often mention there are 4 places one can sign into an apple ID on your iOS device. 1 + 3. iTunes and App store. Then messages, FaceTime and iCloud. The only one they should or could share your ID on is the iTunes and App store login. The remaining three they should only use their own login.

Family sharing adds another layer of complexity to this but for starters this should accomplish everything you need it to.

Lastly, it's not a bad idea to go into your own iOS device (phone) and go to messages preferences just as you did before. Under "send and receive" there be sure you do not see anyone else's email but your own. It's ok to have several emails listed as long as they all belong to you and not your other family members. If you do see other emails listed, you can select the "i" to the far right to remove that email from your iCloud associated emails.
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