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Not Answered-multiple email adresses

We put the email address on the Apple but I am only getting about a third of the messages. I am on the dell computer now and there were a 100 messages?

That account is a pop account.  POP is very bad.  It does not sync over multiple computers.  If one computer views a message, there's a chance, depending on the computer's email settings, that it will remove it from the server so the other computer can not get to it.  You would need to check the settings in Outlook or Apple's to ensure that viewed messages are left on the server for a period of time before being removed.

I cannot stress enough how out of date POP email is compared to IMAP.  IMAP is .mac, mobileme, gmail, aol, etc...  POP based mail is Road Runner, BellSouth, comporium, windstream.  These companies are not in the email business and they do not put much effort into their email features.  

Get away from POP based email asap.  

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