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iPad apps didn't sync

Hello Scotty,

Since upgrading my MacBookPro to Lion, I have been seeing the beach ball spinning more than when running with Snow Leopard.  I think it may be time for looking into options to increase from the standard 2 GB of RAM to 3 or 4 GB. 

I saw on that Apple supports a maximum of 3 GB with the note below regarding replacing the two 1GB memory modules with two 2 GB memory modules giving 4 GB RAM (subject to the limitations outlined, so not all of the extra 1 GB of memory is usable).
*Apple officially supports a maximum of 3 GB of RAM but third-parties have been able to upgrade the system to 4 GB of RAM using two 2 GB memory modules with some

Have you done any similar replacements and how much would it run to upgrade to 3 GB RAM versus 4 GB RAM?  I'm trying to get an idea whether it is worth upgrading the RAM or upgrading the whole system.

I copied some of the System information at the bottom of the email.

I see some memory modules out at but am not sure I want to opt for the DIY replacement on a laptop.

(Rightmost of 3 columns near the bottom of the macsales page):
Up to 4GB Memory
MacBook Pro 15" 2.16GHz
MacBook Pro 15" 2.33GHz

It’s true that many 2005-2007 Apple computers weirdly would only recognize 3 gigs total of ram even when you put 4 gigs in. This was a hardware limitation of some but not all. The 2.16ghz MBP would only recognize 2 gigs total. Computer memory upgrades for Apple MacBook Pro 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo (15.4-inch) Laptop/Notebook from and the 2.33ghz would address 3 gigs total regardless of putting 2 2gig chips in. Computer memory upgrades for Apple MacBook Pro 2.33GHz Intel Core Duo (15-inch) Laptop/Notebook from

To answer your question, replacing ram on those laptops is very simple and the cost of the ram will run around $30 total per machine. Lion needs a minimum of 2 gigs so you have none left for applications. That’s why things have slowed down so much. You can do the replacement yourself. Youtube has video instructions or you can meet us online every Monday at 7pm for Town Hall and I can walk you through it as well via video.
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