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Two drives is better than one


We are now at the point that we need to have a spreadsheet that multiple people can work on simultaneously. We tried to share it via iwork and this did not work for us.
I was working on part of the spreadsheet while my co-worker was working on it also she sent it to me but my changes of course were not there.
I really need this to work to manage a big international project.
I have searched the apple website to no avail at this point, but I am still looking.
Is there a way that multiple people can work on a spreadsheet at the same time?

Google Docs should do the trick. it will allow multiple users to edit the document at the same time. iWork may support this feature in the future with their iCloud service but that doesn’t roll out for a month or so and there’s no guarantee this will be supported. Office has a similar feature but I’ve not seen anyone use it. Google docs is the way to go.
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