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Quick question. I dropped my 15" MacBook pro and cracked left hand side of screen. Took to apple store they just quoted me $1240- to repair yesterday.  I can buy a new 13" MacBook pro for that much.  

Guy at apple store said it may be worth my while to find an apple certified repair center (not using apple) and try to get a component repair rather than a unit repair which is what I think the apple store guy told me.

Do you know of any reputable apple certified repair centers?  Thanks


My son broke his laptop.  A microphone fell on it and broke the screen.
Is there any help?


I do get this question quite a bit. While I can do the repair on the lcd screen, due to the time involved in the repair and the cost of parts, I prefer to refer clients out to other companies that specialize in that service. TechRestore - MacBook Pro Unibody Free Repair Diagnosis | LCD and Glass Screen Repair | Hard Drive and SuperDrive Repair is a reputable company and will send you a box overnight if you wish. The cost should come in less than what apple quoted.

In a related issue, liquid spills are also very common. Micro Replay has contacted me but I’ve yet to have anyone to use them. I would be interested in feedback for their services as well. Apple : MicroReplay
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