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New problem:  search bar in Outlook returns absolutely nothing.  Every single search I have tried, and I have made them incredibly easy, turns up No Results.  Any trick I might be missing, might have had some settings blown away, etc.?

The first thing you may want to consider trying is to re-index the drive so that spotlight is forced to go through the microsoft user data folder in Documents. However, considering the state of your hard drive, you may want to wait until the drive is replaced. This is demanding on the drive.

How to re-index.

“Open System Preferences and click the Spotlight button. Select the Privacy tab and add your hard drive to the list of drives to exclude from Spotlight searches. Wait about five minutes and then remove your hard drive from the list. Spotlight will then re-index the drive.”
-Diane Ross MVP Microsoft/Mac Office dev team

To my knowledge, Outlook borrows it’s results from spotlight. I may be incorrect.
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