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VLC or just use YouTube

Scotty, don't think this needs to be a session. You prepared a video for my 50th birthday through Leigh. We received an email via dropbox and I am unable to open the video. Is there another way to send it? Please let me know. Thanks! Rob

Hi Rob,

By far, the best way to share video is via Youtube. No waiting to download the video. Don’t have to worry about what file type it is. You can make the video private and only invite certain people if you’d like. It’s available on every device that has an internet connection. Youtube is the way to go. Videos are way too big to email. Dropbox is fine if you want to give the person a copy but the person downloading it from dropbox would need the right software to watch it. The best application to use to open almost any video is VLC available at So if you just want to watch the file you’ve downloaded from dropbox just use VLC.
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