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What iPhone to buy and iPad 1…will it work with iCloud?

I have not update my Macbook Pro to lion yet I have been reading about some problems with ones that are  over a yr or two old that go to Lion with them freezing up. Is that your experience also?  Should I just wait or go look for a newer Macbook? What is your thinking about Macbook Air?  I do mainly Photo editing. And running Fusion with windows so I can log into my office.  The Macbook I have  is the one you increased the hard disk size for me a yr and a half ago. And added more RAM 3 gigs. I think.
I could not hold off any longer had to get the new I phone even though its only an 4S and not the 5

Every major software upgrade is going to have problems but overall I think Lion is very reliable and can recommend it. You’ll need at least 2 gigs of ram and 4 is a lot better. Whether to wait or buy a new machine depends on a few factors. I’d need to know what the processor speed of your current mac is, how much ram is installed, what size hard drive and is the drive almost full? The answers to these questions would allow me to better recommend what to do because the cost of upgrading ram and hard drive could be less cost effective than purchasing a new computer. I installed a 500 gig drive so you’re probably not close to running out of space, 3 gigs may be the max ram for that computer so that’s fine for Lion. In my opinion the cut off for processor speed on whether to install Lion or not would be around core 2 Duo 2.2 or higher. You can install Lion on 2 ghz Core 2 Duo or higher but my experience has seen Lion run a bit too slow on the baseline requirement 2 ghz processor. I would say 2.2 or higher. Just my opinion.

The Air is a cool machine but not for me. It’s a nice compliment to another computer but I can’t say I could ever see using it as my main machine. Not enough hard drive space and I need ports.
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