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What device for cutting the cable?

Is this the best option for beginning to “cut the cable’ with Netflix,etc in the future, or is Roku or something better?

Now that both the AppleTV an Roku support access to all major streaming services, either is fine. I do prefer the AppleTV. You'll then be faced with the option to subscribe to channels ala cart for example:

ShowTime Anytime
Amazon Video (already included with Amazon Prime)

What you will lose is access to some sporting events and cable news networks. Those are currently available only if you still maintain a cable or sat subscription although there are packages you can now purchase that include them. DirectTV now is an option in that regard.

I've been a cable cutter since 2010 and pay less than 1/2 of what others pay each month. I take the extra money and sometimes buy tv shows or movies from the iTunes store and still have money left over compared to a full cable bill.
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