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Sep 2017

Gmail ports timed out

Scotty, I'm in a pinch. For some reason my emails are not working. Ones sent to me are Being sent back to people too. Help!  Here are pics.



There could be a large number of reasons for this. It looks like Gmail can't communicate with the outside world due to a port issue. Gmail usually travels via port 587, 465, or 25; all which are standard ports are are generally not blocked by firewalls. That's what firewalls do, they block ports.

First try simply quitting all open applications, turning off your computer then back on. If that doesn't resolve it, next go to system preferences: security and privacy: Firewall. Make sure Firewall is turned off…

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 5.48.06 PM

Most likely that's not the issue but good to check anyway. Next, the issue could be that a firewall has been turned on on your modem/router given to you by your ISP. This is unlikely and a little more technical than you might want to get into so I won't describe that process.

Before continuing it would be very helpful to have a few answers to other questions:

Does the email continue to run fine on your phone/ipad/other computers in the house?
Can you use a different wifi network to see if the problem goes away?

There is a setting at that may be preventing the issue also. Gmail has a way of blocking untrusted applications. Apple's Mail is one of those untrusted applications. I can help you with that but would need your gmail password to log on to your account to look at those settings.

Which modem do you prefer? What ISP is best?

What modem do you recommend? Which service is best?

If you're considering Spectrum I suggest purchasing the Arris Surfboard. Available at amazon. Pretty easy to setup and it will lower your bill by around $8-10 a month. You'll still need a router as you'll be turning the Spectrum issued equipment back to them. They rent theirs to you monthly so this modem will pay for itself within about 8 months. Keep in mind that if you're using a phone line, this will not work for you. You will need that particular companies equipment for that.

As far as which service to go with, considering only internet service (no TV involved because who watches standard cable TV anymore?) I would rate the following:

1st: Google Fiber if availalble
2nd: Spectrum
3rd: ATT
Last place because they are a spawn of the Devil: Windstream

Should I do this?

I got this email today. What should I do?

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.13.30 AM

Total scam. Mark it as junk and ignore it.

email not showing up

Although Mail opens there is no mail. bell south does not show up as a mailbox under the Mailboxes list. The Mail menu bar show up but the messages screen in blank. My wife seems to be getting Mail as normal.



Of course first step is to simply quit mail and restart. (force quitting in nessasary) If your mail doesn’t come back in an hour or so, we may want to delete the account and re-add it. If that doesn’t resolve, then we may have some more cleaning to do. But as I said before, as an IMAP account, we shouldn’t lose any email. it’s all on the server so we should be ok.
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