to commonly asked questions.

Oct 2017

Can you help me with my wifi?

scotty- i am having wifi issues- goes out and in and good and bad in different rooms.
can you help with that?

I’d be happy to assist. Depending on the square footage of the home, you may need stronger/more routers.

Is this a scam?

Scotty we keep getting this message from Jaci’s computer when my daughter try’s to log into Amazon.

Is this a legit issue or do I need to have her set up an appoint w/ you.

It's an ad pretending to be legitement. Do not call the number. If she can't work around it, I would be happy to clear things up remotely.

Open Winmail.dat files on a mac

I can't open attachments on my mac.

Are the attachments winmail.dat format?


Download TNEFF’s Enough. Should be free. it will give you the ability to open those pesky files. Often there’s nothing in other than a company graphic like the one attached to my own email below. However, the sender has a setting within Outlook they are unaware of that insists on enclosing all attachments in that format. Completely unnecessary. But instead of confusing the sender by telling them they should just turn that setting off in Outlook, just use TNEFF on your end.
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