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Jun 2018

Can my computer be fixed?

Below is a picture of my daughters computer. As you can see it has lines running through it on the screen - is this fixable?


I guess the more important question might be “is it worth fixing?” Judging by the power supply connected, it’s a recent model. Displays are expensive repairs unfortunately. While I do not do repairs, Apple may quote you around $1000 for the repair. And if you have the machine repaired, I do suggest using Apple to do it. They would need to replace the entire screen. If the machine is a 2015 (and I think it is) then it may be worth repairing but my personal limit would be $400 toward the repair of a few year old computer.

Where can I buy a hard drive for my iMac?

Hi Scotty! You helped me a few years back with some memory upgrades. I have had a hard drive failure on a iMac. Can you remind me of the website in which I can purchase Mac comparable hardware/hard drives please? I’m interested in a solid state for a 2011/2012 24” iMac. If you have any recommendations, or if I should upgrade, I would appreciate that too.

Any hard drive will work in a mac. There’s actually no such thing as a mac drive or windows drive. Every drive can be formatted to work in either Operating system. It’s all just marketing. Therefore you could use Amazon or Newegg to order your drive. Solid States are available from both sites as well.

In terms of your iMac, you can still get more life out of your 2012 machine but you’re approaching it’s twilight years. My general rule of thumb is 5 years for someone who makes a living on their machine, 6-7 for most all other computer users. After 7 years, you’re on borrowed time in terms of usualness, speed, ability to run modern software, etc…

Happy to answer any other questions you may have. By the way, if you’ve never done an iMac HD replacement, it’s a little scary the first time. There are tutorials online but proceed with caution. Normal first time mistakes include cracking the glass by not using a suction cup to remove the front bezel, shocking one’s self by accidentally discharging the built up charge near the power inverter, dropping screws into the body because they didn’t use a magnetic screw driver. You’ll need torx by the way. Not trying to scare you. Just heads up. is a great place to view breakdown tutorials if you’ve never done it before.
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