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Airport Express security warnings

We have worked before in that you installed a 500GB hard drive in my MacBook Pro.  I am now being warned by the computer that my battery needs service.  Can you please contact me about when you might be able to look at what is wrong with the battery?

If the battery needs to be replaced, can you do it and can you give me an estimate of how this would cost?

Your battery may be dead/dying.  Applecare only covers the battery for one year from purchase date and generally there is no way to recover a bad battery other that replacing it.  There is always the outside chance that it could be a software issue but usually it's just the battery has served it's time and is on its way out.  

The battery can easily be removed by anyone.  You should have access to it on the back of your computer.  Depending on exact model and size, you can still buy that battery from Apple but it will cost a bit more.  You may want to check out  Their prices are usually a bit better.   eBay is also a great way to go as long as you're buying a new battery.  Don't buy a used battery on eBay.
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