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A couple of questions (similar topic):

I purchased a new iMac to replace my old Power PC G5 (non-Intel based).  The new PhotoShop and Lightroom upgrades only work on Intel based machines.  Anyway, what are the pros/cons of migrating my old machine to the new on the initial startup of the iMac?  I have done this in the past but wanted to get some input from you first.  Any suggestions on what I can do with the G5 (Dual 2.5 GHz, 6 GB DDR Ram, 1 TB Harddrive)

At work I have an iMac (about a ear old), I purchased a new Mac Book Pro and want to migrate my work iMac to the laptop - same question as above (pros/cons)?  I have VM Ware running Windows XP Pro on my wok iMac and want to do the same with the laptop.

Thanks in advance.


Normally the migration assistant built into the mac is wonderful however, in your case I would not recommend using it. You’ll really want to install the intel versions of those apps. Your goal will be to allow no PowerPC based processes running. You can always run the migration assistant to move documents and other files but avoid applications transferred.

I’ve moved VMware over to another computer via migration assistant and had no problems. You should be ok. Intel to intel is fine. Just don’t do it with the G5. As far as what to do with could donate it to a needy family. Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, or Goodwill would be good choices.
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