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Adding an HP wireless printer


I have a very specific question that you may be able to answer. We need to record our Praise and Worship portion of our service, but only have a left and right input for 18 different channels. I have the ability to modify the input levels of each channel, which seems to be working. My question is this, would Logic Express or Pro make this easier than Live? Or is there another way to accomplish what I am trying to achieve? I will investigate gaining access to the Yamaha DM2000 board, to see if I can have it on my Mac screen, and modify from the Mac, versus having to be in front of the board.


Logic Pro should be able to control the DM2000.
Logic Pro 9 Control Surfaces Support: Setting Up Your Yamaha DM2000

Apple has made Logic 9 help available online as a replacement to their paper manuals. Here’s a list of all instances of the DM200 mentioned.
Help Library Search

I’m not sure if Logic Express supports the DM2000 but I’ve seen evidence online to suggest it does. Just not from Apple.
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